Lacy Skirt Diaper Cover – Free Pattern

I wrote this pattern last year for a friends baby. It is meant to be used as a sleep sack of sorts, but also to be beautiful and useful (as a soaker) at the same time. I have decided to let my Etsy shop go, so I now offer you this pattern for free. Enjoy!

Lacy Skirt Diaper Cover


Yarn – 2 skeins worsted weight wool (I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes), 1 skein fingering weight wool, for the i-cord (I used Knit Picks Stroll)

Needles – size 8 16″ circular needles (or DPN), 2 size 5 DPN

gauge – 19st = 4” over St st


Written for a newborn size, but can easily be made larger.


Using long tail cast on, CO 64 (if making a larger size, CO a multiple of 4). Join in rounds, being careful not to twist. Place a marker (marker a) at beginning of round.


Ribbed waistband rounds 1-10: *K2, P2* rep to end


Rounds 11-17: K every row


Round 18: K32 (or half of CO number), place marker b, K to end


inc round: m1, K to marker b, slip marker, m1, k to end


*Knit St st for 8 rows; rep inc row* 2 more times


Knit St st till skirt is 2/3 desired length (about 12” from CO edge).


Work inc round

Knit St st for 3 rows

Rep last 4 rows till you have 78 st on needle. (or a number divisable by 13)


Begin lace pattern A:

round 1: *k2tog, k4, yo, k1, yo, k4, ssk* rep to end of round

round 2: knit

Repeat lace pattern for approx 5”


Begin lace pattern B:

Round 1: *k2tog, k2, yo, k2, yo, k2, yo, k2, ssk* rep to end

Round 2: knit

Round 3: *k2tog, k1, yo, k1, yo, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, yo, k1, yo, k1, ssk

Round 4: knit


Bind off loosely


I-cord Drawstring

Using fingering weight yarn and size 5 DPNs, co 4, leaving a tail 18”

Work i-cord for about 18”

I-cord Flourish BO 1 st, *CO 3 st, BO 4 st* till all st are bound off.

Thread the long tail at cast on end onto a large tapestry needle. Look at the ribbing at the top of your skirt. Picture the knitted stitches as belt loops. Find the center front and thread the i-cord through the 5th row, over 2 purl st, under 2 k st like a belt through the belt loops.

When i-cord is pulled through, unpick CO end of i-cord and pick up 4 st. Work i-cord for 2” then work flourish on this end as well.

Weave in ends and block, shaping the lacy edge at the bottom and the i-cord flourishes. Stretch i-cord so the stitches even out and it lenthens just a bit. Lanolize if using as a diaper cover.



2 thoughts on “Lacy Skirt Diaper Cover – Free Pattern

  1. That’s great! You need to add it to Ravelry. Contact me there if you don’t know how, I’ll add it for you (it will be in your name of course, just linked to this blog post). Thanks for the friendship.

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