You Know, For Someone Who Isn’t a Sock Knitter…

… I sure did kick these out in record time!

Winnow Socks in Louet Gems Fingering Bright Red

Three things about these socks:

1. They were really fun to knit. Even for socks. Especially for socks. They might have made a sock knitter out of me.

2. This yarn is lovely. I enjoyed working with it, and I am enjoying wearing it.

3. Red is really hard to photograph. Just know that they are twenty times as beautiful as what you see here. I am a knitter, not a photographer, apparently… and I am okay with that. (Next time I will use a color more easily photographed. Sigh. But how I do love red…) Actually, mine look exactly like the ones pictured on the pattern, because I used the same yarn and color (I made my legs shorter, that is the only difference), so really, check out those pictures.

Crazy thing is – now I am looking for my next sock project. So much for fingering weight shawls…. Next year, when I can buy yarn again, I see a lot of sock yarn coming!