Five Moments of Cute From the House of Crazy

A post for grandparents far away… back to knitting content tomorrow!


The Munchkin, now fully potty trained, has things just a little backwards. She was yelling, “POTTY! POTTY, MAMA!” from upstairs. Naturally, I took to the stairs with all haste, fearing to be too late. I wasn’t. But, there she stood by her bed, pants around her ankles. “Potty, Mama!” she said again. We made it, but maybe next time we could wait till we get to the bathroom before we start stripping?


The Princess is always saying the cutest things and making us laugh. Earlier this week we took a trip to the zoo with some friends. After walking around all morning, we stopped at a little playground to let the kids loose and give us mama’s a break. After a few moments of playing, The Princess came and sat down next to me with a big sigh. “Mama,” she said, “I am having too much fun.”


Our household was blessed with a piano this weekend, much to the delight of my two older girls who have been taking lessons and practicing next door at my grandma’s house for over a year. This is a little house, and I was hard put to make some space for such a large piece of furniture. When it looked like the only solution was to do away with my “sewing corner”, The Dancing Queen said in awe (as I boxed up my yarn to put in the closet), “Wow, Mama! You must really love us to give up your sewing corner for our piano!” Yes, my darling, I do.


The Boy is always somewhere else in his mind – a space shuttle on intergalactic mission, a battlefield fighting for his life, a science lab inventing some new source of power – so it shouldn’t surprise me when he says some of the things that he says. Take the other morning at breakfast, for example. I was giving the daily rundown over bowls of yummy oatmeal: “Today we are going to get our rooms clean, and do some school….” when the boy interrupted with, “and I need to change the batteries in my right arm or I won’t be able to get anything done!”


One of the joys of being pregnant is feeling the kicks and squirms of new life inside my belly. Even better is sharing those moments with The Bookworm, whose face lights up with such delight as she declares, “I felt it!” Of all the kids, she best understands what all this pregnant stuff means, and her excitement over having another baby in the house brings me so much joy!