The Sewing Corner

With the addition of the piano this weekend, my sewing “room” became my sewing “corner”. It is a little more compact, and the stash got sorted and rearranged. Here it is – my corner of the house:

As you can see, it is more of a knitting corner, but the sewing machine sitting there draped in my unfinished quilt top reminds me that I can sew, too. When I need to wind some yarn, I push the machine back, bring the swift forward and wind away.

And, of course, there is stash here:

and stash there:

and more on the shelves under and over the knitting library:

and in baskets on every surface:

So there it is. Bursting with inspiration and potential and all kinds of creativity.

And, now I get to listen to live piano while I splash around in all that wool. Does it get any better than this?