How To Avoid SSS in Three Easy Steps

It is an insidious affliction affecting many sock knitters. I have fallen prey to it myself on occassion. Second Sock Syndrome. A cousin of Second Sleeve Syndrome, it can be almost paralizing at times and many a lonely sock or one armed sweater has fallen into the abyss of unfinished and (mostly)¬†forgotten¬†knits. When your motto is “Never knit the same thing twice”, your sock knitting suffers. What is the second sock but a monotonous repeat of the last knit that you finished?

How does one avoid such disaster? I have three simple strategies.

The first is this. When it is at all possible, knit both at the same time:

Kai-Mei in Dream in Color Smooshy Buttercup

There is also the option of knitting socks that mirror each other. These are knitted one at a time, but one doesn’t shirk at knitting the second sock because it promises to be different from the first.

Rick in Paton’s Kroy FX Copper Colors

This second strategy should work, but, just in case, it should always be employed along with the third strategy and that is – Cast on second sock immediately after first sock is complete.

I hope this doesn’t mean that I am doomed….