Test Knitting Again

I may have ruined this post by using the best picture for my “This Moment” post on Friday, but I am going to share a bit about this hat, anyway.

Cute enough to post twice, don’t you think?

This hat was a test knit for another designer on Ravelry. It is called the Pinwheel Mushroom Tam.

It comes in a large range of sizes, from infant to adult. I knit the infant size, but it stretches enough to fit The Munchkin.

It uses corrugated ribbing to achieve the striping, and that was a bit fiddley. I like learning new techniques and challenging myself, but this technique is not my new favorite by any stretch!

I used the yarn that was left over from my Labyrinth Sweater that I made last year. Louisa Harding Grace Silk and Wool is a luscious blend of silk and merino, single ply, shiny and soft. It is also terribly splitty, and no fun to work corrugated ribbing with.

And, oh, The Munchkin! She is a natural and began posing as soon as the camera was turned on! What a cutie!