Words just aren’t enough, so, I will just show you.
Jaali in Malabrigo Lace Sealing Wax

Three things about this knit:

1. Kitman Figeroa is a genius. I plan to knit all her shawls. This one is challenging, mentally fatiguing, it kept me awake at night and turned out exquisitely beautiful.

2. I knit this holding two strands of Malabrigo Lace together, making it as luciously soft and warm as it is beautiful.

3. Knitting a shawl from the bottom up is highly satisfying. All shawls should be made this way. The last row was 3 stitches long!

The Bookworm really wants this one. And, you know, I enjoyed knitting it so much I might be willing to knit it again. But first, I gotta get to those soakers! Only four more weeks to go before my knitting time becomes nursing time!

11 thoughts on “Jaali

  1. How in the heck do you leave a fainting emoticon on blog posts? That shawl is a lace knitter’s dream!!!

    Thanks for sharing the info. I just might have to go hunting for some yarn. Or rather, I think I’ll buy myself some just for this project…as soon as I finish my certification classes…as a treat, of course. πŸ˜‰

    BEAUTIFUL work, by the way!!!

  2. Oh my goodness….OH MY GOODNESS!!! It’s beautiful!

    I’d love to try lace sometime… but alas…I doubt I’ll ever be able to knit this…

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