Fun With Wool and With Each Other

The two “big kids” were playing with their little peg dolls earlier today.

(As a side note: Got these from gemmielou on Etsy and we really love them. )

The three little girls were watching and wishing that they, too, had little peg people.

Then, The Princess couldn’t take it anymore and came to me crying that the Big Kids weren’t letting her play and she wanted some people, too.

It was then that inspiration struck.

“Hey, I know,” I said. “Let’s make some people.”

Out came the needle felting basket and the big smiles.

While I made some little dolls, The Princess made a “quilt” for hers.

(yes, this is a scary story, but no one got hurt….)

The Munchkin wasn’t given a needle, but that didn’t stop her from creating something as well.

Not sure what it is, or where her clothes are… but she was happy.

The Princess insisted that her girl have green shoes. She loves shoes.

When the two littlest girls went out to show the big kids their new dolls, in came The Dancing Queen and The Boy.

“Can we make some, too?”

The Boy, in true form, made an alien.

The Dancing Queen followed her sister’s example and also made a “quilt” while I worked on a doll for her.

Before I knew what was happening, the little peg people were completely forgotten and we were having all kinds of fun with the wool and with each other.

I sure do like these people.

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