Snuggle Cocoon Thingie

I bought some yarn last week.

Well, technically, it isn’t really yarn.

It is a T-shirt.
A T-shirt that happens to be cut into one long, continuous strip and rolled into a ball to look like yarn.
(I got it from The Cable Company on

But it’s not really yarn.

And this is what I made with the not-yarn.

It is a gift for a friend who is having a baby in August.
In Dallas.
Who wanted a cocoon.
A bulky weight cocoon.

I think the T-shirt not-yarn should be cool enough while still retaining the awesome look of a large gauge of bulky yarn (but it’s not really yarn), don’t you think?

I realize that it looks small in these photos, but I am using a 12.5 pound baby to model a newborn size cocoon, so I guess it will work for my dear friend.

For a pattern? Well, I just winged it. I cast on 4 stitches on size 15 DPNs and started knitting a ribbed tube with occasional increases to the top. Easy Peasy.

Sorry to spoil the surprise, Candi, but I am so excited about this and these pictures are too cute not to share! It will be on the way to you tomorrow.
Hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Snuggle Cocoon Thingie

  1. Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! I LOVE it, Shelly!!! It looks amazing and the T-shirt yarn idea was genius. Vera looks so cozy in it! I appreciate you making this for me and wish we lived closer ❤ You are such a sweet friend and I miss you!

    • I remember when I was a little girl and I had one of those square looms that I wove the little loops on to make ugly potholders. Did you have one of those? Well, that is what this Tshirt yarn reminds me of. I know that it is 100% cotton, but knitting with it feels acrylic-y and it shines like those old potholders. The finished project is wonderful, so maybe it is just me… but I love wool. Give me wool any day! 🙂

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