Pay Attention

I promise that as soon as my camera comes back from the repair shop I will show you all the wonderful things I have been knitting, sewing and needle felting (and there are a ton!). Until then, you’ll have to put up with more parenting/homeschooling posts. 🙂

“Mama, where is my ______?”

“Have you seen the _______?”

“I can’t find any ________?”

So the chorus echos in my house day after day. Ninety percent of the time the sought after item is right there. Granted, I may have had to lift something to find it, or perhaps looked behind something else to locate it. But it is almost always right where I said it was.

“Look in the drawer,” I say.

“It’s not in the drawer,” comes the reply.

So I trudge up the stairs, open the drawer, sigh hugely, and pull out whatever was lost.

Sound familiar? Really, I can’t be the only one.

Being a homeschooler, though, I figure I can fix this. So I did some brainstorming for fun ways to strengthen my kids power of observation. Here is what I have come up with so far.

“I Spy” books and the like – You know the ones I speak of. There is a picture cluttered with all sorts of things and you have to locate certain items in the mess. It is fun, the kids love it, and the library has all different ones. There are also “Do You See What I See?”, “Where’s Waldo?”, and “Seek and Find”.

Find the Thimble – My grandma taught my sister and I to play this charming game when we were young. You take a thimble (or other small object) and hide it in plain sight. Then everyone else tries to find it while you use clues like “getting warmer” to help if you want to. Whoever finds it first gets to hide it the next round. The only rule is that it has to be seen from the middle of the room. This game is a huge hit with my kids and full of nostalgia for me!

Practice Following Directions Game – (I need to come up with a better name for this one!) A kid is given a set of instructions: “Go in the kitchen. Open the cupboard. Pull out the big pot. Look inside.” And there in the pot is something fun (or more instructions for the next clue). All the directions are given at once and can be simpler or more complicated based on the kid. Once they understand the game, they can send you on a hunt.

The Baby Shower Game – If you have been to as many baby showers as I have, you know this one. You place a number of unrelated items on a tray. You let the kids look at it for a short amount of time (say 1 minute?). Then you hide the tray and see how many they remember. This can also be done with pictures, a poster, out the living room window, driving down the street, coming out of the grocery store, really anywhere that there is anything to be seen. “Who can tell me ten things they saw in that store?” “As we drive down this street, see how many things there are…… Okay. What did you see?” etc…

Well, that is all I’ve got. I would love to have some more fun ways to teach this valuable skill. Do you have any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Pay Attention

  1. Oh what a GREAT idea!!!!! I too am forever having to go and get an item that apears to have been hiding in plain sight RIGHT where I said it was lol. I think that adding an observation section to our homeschooling once a week (or more we’ll see how it goes) is a great idea!

    I love your idea for the Thimble game! I will deffinatly give that one a shot, and I will probly try the Babyshower game too. Id love to hear anyother observation sort of games you come up with!

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