It’s a Mystery

A mystery knit-a-long, that is. However the real mystery is if I will be able to wrap my post-pregnancy-milk-making-half-starved-totally-fatigued brain around the complicated lace that is being doled out! (Did I say half starved? Make that perpetually eating yet never satisfied…. Pass the chips, please.)

As for the actual knitting I am averaging about two rows a night on this bottom up shawl (the rows started out in the hundreds but get progressively shorter as you go). I am using this yarn from my stash and some beads that I got in a recent swap.

Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace 

This is my first beaded knitting project, so I am super thrilled. Also, it is a Kitman Figueroa design (remember the Jaali shawl?) which pleases me as well. Her lace is exquisite, challenging, and, well, totally awesome.

I will keep you posted on my progress. Oh, and I have one more finished project to show you tomorrow and then you will be caught up on the camera-free knitting that happened this summer… I think.

Now, back to “solving” that mystery.

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Autumn Bliss (for knitters, that is)

Ah, Fall. The chill in the air. The cloudy mornings. The bite in the wind that tells you autumn has finally arrived.

The time for knitters to rejoice. Out come the sweaters and shawls that have been stashed away. The scarves and hats that have been forgotten all summer make their return.

And the socks. Oh, yes, the socks.

This is why I knit. (well, not why. But definitely a big perk.)

I know you have seen these before, but as I slipped them over my cold toes this morning I remembered how much I really love them. My first socks (knit for me), newly darned and ready to go.

Contented sigh.