Dear Santa (Christmas Countdown Day 2)

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I am fine. How is Mrs. Claus?

I wonder if you have heard that I am a knitter now? I thought I would let you know because choosing a gift for a knitter is so simple, and I thought it would make your job easier. But just in case you don’t know what to get for a knitter, I will help you out.

1. Yarn

That’s it.

Maybe you don’t know how to pick out yarn and that is why I haven’t ever gotten yarn from you. Ever. I can help you with that with a few simple guidelines.

Rule 1 – All yarn is good yarn. This is true if you are shopping at any yarn store or at Craft stores do not sell yarn, they sell extruded plastic made to look like yarn. Do not be fooled. If it is sold by the pound, it is not yarn.

Rule 2 – Sweater quantities of yarn, while very nice, are not necessary. A single skein of sock yarn (aka fingering) will make a pair of socks. Don’t worry about quantity, any amount will do.

Rule 3 – All colors are good. While I lean heavily towards purples, pinks, and reds, I also happen to think that brown, orange, green, yellow, grey, black, and blue are lovely as well.

I hope that helps. Give my regards to Mrs. Claus.


3 thoughts on “Dear Santa (Christmas Countdown Day 2)

  1. Your friend, that lives down the road, she likes yarn too. She has all the same sentiments 🙂 Good yarn, small quantities.

    I must have been ‘naughty’ cause Santa never brings me things. 🙂

  2. Hysterical!!!! Tears are coming out my eyes!!!! Seriously!!!!

    Dear Santa,

    I’m one of Shelly’s Ravelry friend (Neosoul — so you could find me). I’m a knitter also and love all things yarn.

    I live in NY aka the Big Apple. I don’t have to tell you … everyone knows where NY is. I’ve been an extremely good girl this year and my wish is simple. Like Shelly, I want yarn … not plastic. Yarn.

    Anything from Knitpicks, WEBS and independent Etsy sellers is fine.

    Please and thank you.


    p.s. I was mistaken when I said I had one wish. I actually have two …here’s the second … please give Shelly some yarn for Christmas. mkay. 😀

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