Emergency Knits – Last Minute Gift Ideas (Christmas Countdown Day 7)

I may have bragged a little about having all my Christmas knitting finished recently. That was rude of me. I apologize.

To make up for that insensitive commentary (heehee), I offer the following ideas for quick last minute knits.

“Last minute?” you ask.

Yes, Dear. One week of December is already gone. This is “last minute” for a knitter. It may be that you will have to set that fingering weight afghan aside for next Christmas and work on something that you actually have a chance of finishing before the New Year. But I digress…..

Since today is the seventh day in our countdown, here are seven things that I would knit if I still needed to knit a gift… which I don’t… because I am done….

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Okay, here we go!

198 Yards Of Heaven

A triangular shawlette knit in a largish gauge with an easy to remember lace pattern. You may remember that I have knit this shawl. Loved it.


Don’t have the patience for lace? How about another shawlette, also knit at a large gauge, this time with a warm Stockinette stitch body that is sure to fly off the needles.

Turkish Bed Socks

Socks are a bit daunting this late in the game, but what if one just skipped knitted leg and cuff? This is a quick knit that I would definitely wear. That reminds me – these need to go in my Ravelry queue.

Growing Leaves Cowl

I am a sucker for leaves, and this cowl has plenty.

Bunny Nuggets

The kids are sure to love these, and anything else by Rebecca Danger for that matter. Bonus – I bet these knit up faster than it takes to decide which color to use.


I have knit this pattern twice, and I still love it. From CO to BO it took one evening. Bonus – looks great in Malabrigo Rasta. (You know you’ve been wanting to try some of that…)

The LeLe Baby Hat

Lastly, for the littlest one on your knitting list: (it almost makes me want to have another baby it is so cute!)

So, there you go. No more procrastinating now, Ladies and Gents. Get knitting! 🙂

All of the photos above were taken from the linked Ravelry project page.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Knits – Last Minute Gift Ideas (Christmas Countdown Day 7)

  1. I totally dropped the ball (ha!) with all the things I wanted to get knitted this year. At this point the plan is to finish O’s longies (which may be his last pair with potty learning and that endless toddler inseam), pat myself on the back, give birth, and call it good! 😉
    Thanks for the suggestions though, I’ll definitely refer back to this list for ideas in the future!
    PS Glad to see you posting again! 🙂

    • That’s called pregnancy, Darling. 🙂 I knit so very little last year! It’s good to be posting again. I really enjoy it. Alas, real life has to come first, so gaps are to be expected. 🙂

      Shelly woolandchocolate.wordpress.com

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