The Letdown

….and I am not talking about nursing….

I love Christmas. I live for Christmas. My year is spent planning Christmas.

I shop for stocking stuffers year round.

I knit gifts in June and stockings in October.

Christmas rocks!

But, the week after Christmas stinks.

The tree is still here, but it’s so dry I am afraid to plug in the lights.

The kids have already played with/broken/lost many of their things.

The excitement is gone. What a letdown.

The only cure I have found for this lull is …. wait for it…..

Start planning next Christmas!

Who’s with me?

2 thoughts on “The Letdown

  1. ME! I’m already planning next years gifts too. I want to make my husband a sweater – it will probably take me all year to knit it 😉 But first things first, a pair of mittens for me (i am the only one that didnt get a pair for christmas lol) and a couple baby things. THEN Christmas presents!

  2. I’m starting next year’s planning, too. This year was depressingly low on handmade items (dh got the only thing, an afghan) and I want to fix that.

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