A Baby Hat Remix

You may remember this hat.

This is the Stella Pixie Hat. I have knit this hat three times – one for the Munchkin and one for each of my cousin’s twins. It is an easy knit and adorable hat. Everyone ooohs and ahhhs.

Recently a friend of mine asked for help. She has several pregnant friends and needs to kick out a bunch of baby gifts. Enter this hat. It works for both genders, is simple enough for a beginning knitter, and is small enough to finish in time for the baby shower. Except that it is written for fingering weight. I decided that if I rewrote it for worsted weight it would be much easier for my newly knitting friend to complete.

At the same time, I needed a baby knit myself. Well, not for myself, but I needed a quick baby gift for a friend whose pregnancy went by way too quickly for me. You see, about nine months ago, a bunch of my friends in bloggy-land announced their pregnancies. I immediately promised hand knits to each of them. Easy, right? A few little baby things with nine months to complete them in? The problem is that these are not friends that I see every week or even every month. I didn’t see their growing bellies and therefore the time got away from me. Nine months just flies by when you are not the one carrying the baby. So, new babies were popping up all over the place and I had knit nary a stitch for them.

By the time my friend approached me for help with her gift knitting, I was almost all caught up. Just one more. A darling baby girl born to a friend on the other side of the country in late December. So, I sat down one day, figured out the rewrite for the pattern and knit the prototype – a darling Stella Pixie hat in Malabrigo Worsted, Velvet Grapes.

But I didn’t take pictures.

Before you get upset, I will say in my defense that without a little newborn head to model it, it really wasn’t anything worth photographing.

Besides, V needed a new hat and I was getting really good at sizing these things, so I knit one for her. A little bigger, but still the same darling hat in the same softie yarn, modeled on the most beautiful baby girl you will find anywhere. 🙂

Stella Pixie Hat in Malabrigo Worsted Velvet Grapes (Raveled here)

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