A New Woman

Over the weekend I snuck away from the hubbub of my household, locked myself in the bathroom, opened up a Cheeky Maiden Bath Bomb and settled into the tub for a long soak. I usually wait until everyone is in bed before I do this, but everyone was busy and I was optomistic about my chances for solitude. My absence did not go unnoticed for long, however. In no time I was visited by The Munchkin who wanted to catch all the “sparkles” out of the bath water. Then she wanted in the bath with me. Before I knew it we were having a grand ole time chasing sparkles and enjoying the bath together.

When it was time to get out I sighed. “Ahhh, I feel like a new woman!”

The Munchkin turned to look at me in surprise. After a good inspection she said,

“Well, you still look like Mama.”