Oh, Dear. I Think I Deserved That

Knitting disaster strikes me from time to time, and I guess I was asking for the latest one when I bragged about how easy that hooded scarf was.

This, My Dear Friends, is the kindle cozy for The Bookworm.

Strange, right? This is what it was supposed to look like (photo swiped from the pattern):

Now, a part of me wants to claim ignorance (“I don’t know what I did wrong!”) and maybe blame the designer (“What a stupid pattern!”), but I really do know what happened. All I want to say is this –

Next time I plunk down beside you at knit night and I wonder out loud how this thing thing on my needles is magically going to turn into a usable item, and then I say that I think that I have the pattern memorized after only three rounds please, someone, for the love of wool, SLAP ME!