Sundress Prototype

It is not often that I pull out my sewing machine and try to design clothing for myself, so last week was very, well… interesting. With the hot summer weather approaching I have visions of sweet sundresses and strappy sandals. I imagine an entire wardrobe made by me, for me in gorgeous colors and airy fabrics. I started searching for inspiration on the internet and found bucket loads of ideas. Then I went stash diving – not the knitters stash dive into wool and alpaca, but the seamstress’s stash dive into cotton lawn and organza. This is what I came up with –

Being without a pattern, I remembered the wisdom of my grandma, and I got out some plain muslin to make a first draft. I somehow managed to fashion a dress and then (regrettably before taking a photo) I cut it into pattern pieces. With those pieces, I made this-

Okay, okay, I will model it for you…

(Why is it that when I model my knitting, I feel awesome, but when I model my sewing, I just feel like a dweeb?)

So, this little green number still has some areas that need work. It is too short and the skirt is too full for my figure (a feature that looked nice in muslin, but not so nice in lined cotton). I like it, though – it is comfortable and cute and nice and cool.

This dress is fully lined, because I love lining dresses (call me crazy), and because the fabric is a little shear, and if I have to wear a slip with it, it will hang in my closet for two years before getting thrown in the Goodwill bag having never been worn!

I have also completed a second dress, this time with an a-line skirt and gathered bodice –

But it doesn’t fit right and I think I am going to have to take it apart and try again. That is a little discouraging, so I have been stalling for a couple of days.

All this sewing is exhausting and I remember now why I turned to knitting. But, it is rewarding, too, and I am getting better at it as I go. Maybe before the heat gets here, I will have that wardrobe that I am dreaming of.

Or maybe I will just knit another pair of socks….

9 thoughts on “Sundress Prototype

  1. Wow! I really like the green dress. I love the polka dot fabric you used for the other, and can’t wait to see the final product! I am working on a “Summer of No Pants 2012” Challenge myself, maybe you would like to join us?

  2. Drafting you own pattern!
    wow..that red and white polkadot dress looks so fantastic on that hanger…sorry it has some fit issues…. I wish I could sew well enough to draft a pattern!


  3. They are both gorgeous!

    I especially love the fitted bodice/a-line combo. I hope you can work out the fit issues and be brave enough for a modeled shot. 😉

    You have the same reasons for knitting versus sewing as I do. (But your sewing looks much better than mine!)

  4. Yep. I’m jealous. I can’t sew (sewing machines hate me). I think I should just stick to knitting. I think sewing would be a useful skill for me to have (so I can do things like fix Husband’s pants and not have it look like crap)……but I just don’t have it.

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