The Perfect Coffee Mug For Me

We have cement floors, lots of kids, and a klutzy mama. Add these things together and you get a lifespan of about three to six weeks for all glasses, jars, ceramics, and coffee mugs (which is why my knitting bowl is kept out of reach, but this post is not about that).

I have gone through many “favorite” mugs. I had a really cool knitting one that said, “just one more row”, and one from my sis-in-law that had knitted flowers all over it. I had a brown one that lasted almost a year and I used it everyday. Alas, we have broken them all.

I was looking for a replacement and found some awesome knitting themed mugs, but there was no way that I would spend $15 on a mug that might get broken the very day that it arrives. Besides, I try to be a nice mom and act all nonchalant when a kid shatters a treasured dish, and that would be very hard if it was so precious.

Enter Pinterest, that glorious collection of DIY projects, and I learned that one dollar store mug + a Sharpie + 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven = really fun mug that will make me smile while it lives, but not make me cry when it dies.

I played with a few ideas, but finally landed on that phrasing. It is quite accurate.

The irony is that I bought five mugs at the dollar store last week, and we are already down to three. I am responsible for both of the casualties.

If you are going to try this, I will tell you that it isn’t really permanent. A good scrubbing takes it right off, but who gives the outside of their mug a good scrubbing? Oh, and I don’t have a dish washer so I don’t know if it would hold up in there, either. But, I figure, when it washes off, I will have the opportunity of making it better, funnier, or more witty. It is a never ending pick me up.

Now I am off to caffeinate and get to my spinning.

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