Dale & Dolly – Taming the Stash pt 3

Tuesday funnies! (Sorry about last week, guys. I totally spaced it!)

“Dale and Dolly” is the collaborative work of The Bookworm and I. After I sketch out my idea in goofy little stick figures and scrawled lines of dialog, I hand it over to my twelve year old daughter who works her magic. Her attention to detail and sense of humor make this comic strip what it is and I give her all the credit for this amazing series.  

3 thoughts on “Dale & Dolly – Taming the Stash pt 3

  1. Welcome to my world. This is almost exactly what happened when we moved from Wisconsin to California a few weeks ago. I went through my yarn and kept thinking, “no, I have plans for that and oh there’s that and I can’t get rid of this because I bought it here and it’s special and…” I wound up getting rid of a good rubbermaid bin full but it wasn’t anything compared to the 10 or so I brought with…

  2. Hahaha! This is fantastic!
    I LOVE the art work! Is your daughter planning on being a graphic artist? She’s great!

    Tee hee…I recently tried to tame the stash too…. I found a couple of ball of old acrylic to give to our church knitting group…and that was it!

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