Inspiration Strikes! And I am Helpless to Resist!

I don’t do ultrasounds. In seven pregnancies I have had a total of four of them, three on the same baby, and all were medically necessary at the time. (I won’t bore you with the why’s, just google “dangers of ultrasounds” and you will know.) The consequence of this is that the baby’s gender is always a surprise, and I like it that way. When, after hours of pain and toil, a baby finally makes it’s way into this world, the most beautiful sound after the newborn cry is the declaration, “IT’S A GIRL!” (or BOY!, but I haven’t heard that one very often) Once we did discover the gender pre-birth, with The Munchkin, and it was weird to me. It felt artificial and wrong to know what was cooking in there. But, that is not the point of this post.

The point is, we won’t be finding out what we are having until we have had it, which makes for less than inspired baby knitting. Gender neutral baby knitting is not really very exciting. I know I can knit fast, and I plan to churn out heaps of knitted pink ruffles or blue robot longies as the case may be once we know who it is that I am knitting for, but I want to knit a blanket while I gestate.

So, there I was on Ravelry perusing blankets. I did lace for The Fraggle, but this time around I feel weaker and sicker and I don’t want to bother with complicated knitting. Simplicity is my middle name these days, so I was looking at striped blankets. Not terribly exciting, but then I found this: (photo used with permission)

BillowBlanket3(See Ravelry Project Page here and related blog post here)

To be honest, I am not sure what it is that I love about this, as far as a baby is concerned, but it sparked an idea that I couldn’t let go of. Before I knew it, I had placed a Knit Picks order and was waiting on pins and needles to get going on my own version of the above masterpiece.

Billow is a bulky, thick and thin, 100% cotton yarn that is softer than I expected. And the colors are perfect. I used all of the colors pictured above and threw in some purple because that is more “me”. When the yarn came, I was so excited that I snapped a quick picture with my iPad before balling it up and casting it on right then and there.

IMG_0572And once the knitting began, I was really cooking. Nevermind that I have months to go before there will be a baby to wrap in it. This is perfect pregnant/sick knitting.

IMGP8439My version differs from the inspiration blanket in that I am throwing in a purl row every seven rows and it will be smaller. I am going for crib size, which google tells me is 45″x60″.

I might have to order more yarn.





6 thoughts on “Inspiration Strikes! And I am Helpless to Resist!

    • It is very soft, and very thick and thin. At times it goes down to a lace weight and then right back up to super bulky. It makes for a nice texture in stockinette. I am curious as to how it behaves when washed. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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