Photobombing Experts

What happens in a house full of girls when Mama gets out the camera to take pictures of the new baby?


IMGP9801And this:

IMGP9805And this:



Camera hogs! But you know that I love it.

I did manage to get a few cute shots of my little Blessing in her new sweater –

IMGP9792Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig in Aslan Trends Lecco with a custom Tessa Ann button. Ravelry page here.


And, while we are modeling, here are a few modeled shots of the tiny knitting I did while pregnant –

IMGP9743_medium IMGP9677_medium2 IMGP9640_medium2 IMGP9556_medium2 IMGP9788


Okay, so I know this is a knitting blog, but I just can’t get over how sweet that baby is! And, thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and support. We are doing much better these days. We still have some nursing issues to overcome, but The Blessing is gaining weight, sleeping well, and stealing our hearts with every yawn, wink, and sigh. We are all completely smitten!




12 thoughts on “Photobombing Experts

  1. ADORABLE!!! and so funny… your Little Blessing and my Olive have exactly the same hair! Same colour…same fluffy fuzziness….do you just nuzzle your nose in and kiss it all the time! I do! 😀

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