Knitting for Someone Else’s Baby

In a swap on Ravelry, I was roped into knitting a baby sweater (not that it took much arm twisting. Everyone knows me enough to guess that I jumped at the chance!). I am very pleased with the results.

IMGP9825Beyond Puerperium, size newborn; knit up in Madelinetosh Vintage, Sequoia with wooden buttons from my little button stash

Ravelry page here

IMGP9827I have knit this pattern several times now, in different sizes and in different gauges. I even used it as a base for the rainbow gown that I made for The Blessing. It is an excellent pattern, well written, logical, and worth every penny.

IMGP9832I was also very happy with the way that I packaged it up to send it off. I sent the yarn tag so the recipient would know how to care for the sweater and I wrapped enough extra yarn around it for future repairs if needed. Then I sewed an extra button on the tag, just in case. It looked really great – a package I would love to receive myself.

Knitting for babies is so fun – even babies I don’t know.

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