The Stockings Were Hung

No. I still haven’t knitted stockings for the last two kids, but I did knit these four for someone else…

IMGP1349Kristen’s Creative Christmas Stockings in Wool of the Andes (colors used are listed on my Ravelry project page here)

Three things about this knit –

1) The pattern page on Ravelry says that one of these stockings takes 95 yards. That is a bald faced lie. This is very important to know if you are a) going to order yarn to make them and b) charging by yards knit and c) booking your holiday knitting extremely tightly. I was doing all of these things, so the huge discrepancy cost me time, money, and yarn. Accordingly, I took detailed notes of my yarn usage and listed it by stocking and color on my project page.

2) This pattern is so cool, yardage lies aside. Versatile, customizable, and creative, it was a fun project. I had to make some changes to keep them all the same size, but it was easily done.

3) Wool of the Andes is an excellent yarn for a project like this. It comes in over 100 colors, knits up beautifully with lovely stitch definition, and is quite economical.

I am pleased and proud as I pack up these four stockings and send them off to their new home. I am also keenly aware of the looming holiday and the lack of two more stockings hanging over our fireplace. So, back to knitting I go.


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