Adding feeties to the bottoms of baby pants and longies may be a new hobby of mine.



Picky Pants with my regular mods plus feeties! in Mosaic Moon Gaia Worsted in Selkie and Selkie Blurple trim (Rav page here)

It is a nice challenge to taper the legs down to the right stitch count for socks, while getting the legs long enough (but not too long) and wide enough. It is a special treat when they come out on the first try, which these didn’t. I frogged back several times and started thinking that I should just spring for a pattern, but I finally came up with a formula that worked.

IMGP1269Then I tried to add feeties to the chunky overalls that I was working on and had a slice of humble pie. Nevertheless, these turned out awesome.


Said formula looks like this – decrease to approximately 22 stitches (depending on gauge of course); switch to 1×1 rib; work rib for about 1.5″; knit heel flap about 1.5″; pick up gusset stitches (two stitches every three rows); work standard gusset decrease to 2 or 4 stitches less than original amount; work to about 1″ shorter than desired length; decrease toe to approximately 10 st; kitchner graft toe.

A few tips if you want to try it –

Decrease the legs either gradually along the length or all at once and then work a few rows of ribbing. Continue the ribbing on the heel flap. This will help it fit right on the actual baby.

When decreasing for the gusset on the foot, work an extra decrease round or two so that the foot is not as wide as the leg.

Knit the foot a little longer than you would a normal sock or bootie to allow for growth. Same goes for leg length.

Don’t be afraid to play with it. It doesn’t hurt that bad to rip back because you are working with so few stitches, so try it and see what happens.

It really helps if you have a baby to try on the first leg before you make the second!



4 thoughts on “Feeties!

  1. I love those with the feet in. It keeps their adorable little feet all warm and snuggly. Fashions come and fashions go! I have patterns with feet in and they bring back such lovely memories. Love the colours you have chosen. Baby’s first Christmas soon? and my little grandson Sam’s first Christmas too. Isn’t it exciting…

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