Every Beautiful Knit Starts with an Idea

The Princess perused sweater patterns on Ravelry for hours before finally landing on one she liked. But she didn’t really like it. That is, she liked a part of it. So, I took the inspiration from that one single element (a colorwork design), and designed the perfect sweater for her.

It started here, with pencil and paper.


Then I sketched the sweater and did some math while The Princess picked out yarn and buttons.


(My numbers were wrong here as I forgot to add sleeve stitches, but you get the idea.)

The knitting began. And then I had the yoke done.


And before I knew it, I was knitting sleeves! (There are few things more motivating than adorable eight year olds eagerly following your progress and constantly asking, “is my sweater done, yet, Mama?”)


Then came the scary part – steeking! I used my sewing machine to sew three seams up either side of the intended cut line. I was taking no chances with this knit. I was also concerned because it is superwash yarn and I know that I read somewhere that  one should never steek superwash wool. (And then my dear friend reminded me that i have already steeked a superwash sweater and I realized that I am an idiot to have forgotten that fact!)


The cutting was actually pretty fun, as The Princess watched me cut her sweater in half, giggling all the way down the length of knitting.


Silly girl thought it was done with the last snip of the scissors and wanted to wear it right away!


But then she was vexed with the curling that the stockinette was doing. I reassured that after just a little more knitting it would be alright. The “little more knitting” was accomplished that very afternoon and then the blocking commenced, punctuated by repeated pettings and “is it dry yet, Mama?”s.

And that is where is stands as of right now. Blocking takes longer in cold, rainy weather. Button sewing is soon and then, oh the joy!, a beautiful sweater for a gorgeous princess.

And it all started with an idea.

Stay tuned for finished, modeled pictures and a run down of the pattern that I made up and how to make your own!

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