When The Munchkin Needs a Sweater Dress, I Knit Her a Sweater Dress

It’s always a bit emotional getting out the winter clothes. A lot of growing goes on in the summer and inevitably someone will have grown out of her favorite sweater and be forced to pass it down to her younger sister. This sadness was compounded this year when The Munchkin grew out of a sweater dress that she didn’t even get to wear last winter. Oh, the tears! Oh, the heartbreak! The child needed a sweater dress and fast. Good thing I am a knitter.

Together we tossed the stash and then I knit like the wind. The end result? A happy munchkin!


Maxi Top/Dress by Elena Nodel in “Darnassus” on Mosaic Moon Targhee DK.
Raverly Project Page here


One thing that I love about Mosaic Moon (besides the amazing colors, wonderful base selection, and matching trims) is the oversized skeins. this dress reaches down past The Munchkins knees and yet I used less than 3 skeins!


And if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you will have noticed that I have knit yet another Elena Nodel pattern. This is the big kid version of the dress that I recently knit three times for The Blessing. She is a great pattern writer and I have yet to dislike any of her patterns.


The Munchkin was not crazy about the green trim, but once I crocheted a little flower for the bodice, she was okay with it. The crochet flower was super easy and I wrote out the one row instructions on my Ravelry project page if you want to duplicate it.

This morning The Fraggle is wearing her newly hand-me-downed sweater dress that The Munchkin never got to wear. But that’s okay. The Munchkin is happy. She has a dress knit just for her.


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