Creating A Knitted Family History

If every stitch says “I love you”, then every knit item is a cloak of my love that I drape over my children on a regular basis. And none so special as the first sweater that I ever knit. I agonized over finding the perfect yarn to match the pattern, I struggled over every ill tensioned stitch, I labored over each long row. And I did a terrible job photographing my masterpiece.


And The Princess was no help, for while she loved it in real life, she did not want to pose for a photo shoot.

Child’s Smock by Debbie Bliss in Knit Picks Telemark AubergineĀ 
Raverly project page here

That’s right. The Princess was the first to receive a woolandchocolate original, and by “original” I mean a badly executed Debbie Bliss pattern. I even managed to twist every single purl stitch because I had no idea how to do it right (I learned from a book, after all). It took me 4 months to knit a size 2T sweater. I was so proud of it. And she loved it and wore it everywhere.

And then she grew out of it as children tend to do.

So I saved it for The Munchkin.

And then I saved it for The Fraggle.

And now it fits The Blessing.


This is my legacy, I guess. Wooly goodness passed down from child to child. Even the early, less than lovely, I-was-still-learning-to-knit knits are part of our family history.

This is something that makes me extremely happy.

Oh, and look! It’s snowing on the blog again! I love Christmas time!


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