The Colorway That Sings To Me

It’s dubbed “The Cluck Chimes at Midnight” and the way that all of the colors play together as it gets knit up has absolutely captivated me. I made a pair of boring, plain socks out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Superwash Sock a few months ago and the entire time I was knitting them I was thinking, “I need this in a sweater quantity”.


And, honestly? I am not sure what it is about this colorway that has me swooning so completely. Every stitch of those socks was a pleasure to knit and every time I slip my feet into them, I am just so enraptured. Sometimes colors just sing to me, you know? So I did it. I bought a sweater quantity of Cake DK (which, by the way, comes in 9 oz skeins (!) so I only needed 3). Just look at it! It’s gorgeous! One hundred percent Merino in this glorious color scheme! Sigh. I could die from the pretties!


Finding the perfect pattern was the next obvious step. I usually avoid highly variegated yarns because I don’t want weird pooling or streaking and this yarn is seriously variegated. There are so many different colors, and while it all worked out beautifully on sock yarn, I was a bit concerned how a sweater was going to work up. I was looking for a sweater that would showcase the colors that so beguiled me, but also something simple. You see, this is my easy knitting project, my TV watching, no brainer knitting. Besides, lace and cables and complicated stitches would just be lost in that riot of color, right? After much deliberation, I settled on the Lapis Yoke Pullover by Hannah Fettig from an old issue of KnitScene magazine that I have in my enormous stack of magazines.


It’s a pretty basic round yoke, top down pullover. I’m very happy with it so far. After the sleeve separation I did start to notice some weird color stacking so I introduced a second skein and alternated every three rows. That seemed to do the trick nicely.


I am almost finished with the body, but I want to be sure to make it long enough. I have a nice, long torso, which is great for bearing babies, but not so great for most knitting patterns! ha! So, I’ll just keep going around and around for a little while longer. It’s no bother to do because – did I mention that I love every single stitch of this colorway?

Also on the needles are a pair of socks for The Boy, a Dino Sweater for the Princess, and a couple baby shower gifts for some November babies.

What’s on your needles?

7 thoughts on “The Colorway That Sings To Me

  1. This is gorgeous! Glad you saved your old knitting magazines. I have an entire shelf of knitting books now being carefully pondered upon.

    I still need to do the space sweater, a hat and mittens set for a child, and several vests.

    • I am going through all my magazines and books this week. I made a spreadsheet and I’m cataloging all the patterns that I own. I’ve passed 1000 patterns and still have more than half the stack of magazines yet to do, and I haven’t even touched the books, yet. I’ve got a lot of good stuff here!

  2. Beautiful color way!

    I just finished a pair of socks this morning. All I had left to do was to Kitchener stitch the toe closed but I find I do better with that after a good nights sleep.

    Not sure what I’ll cast on next… Perhaps shorten a cardigan that I knit way too long. Of course I didn’t discover that until I knit on the button bands. 😳

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