Homeschool Tools

It’s that time again – planning the homeschool year – and I got a new toy for the occasion!


The prepping-for-the-school-year spread.

I had to replace my printer this year (I go through them pretty quickly) and I got myself something new and cool. I got a comb binder. And I am having way too much fun with it!

There are some tools that as a homeschool mom I think, “why didn’t I get this years ago?” The laminator is one of those. I picked one up on amazon for about twenty bucks a few years ago and my life has never been the same! HA! Why had I waited so long to buy this super handy thing? We use it for everything – chore chart, flash cards, signs, wipe-off coloring pages, and even paper dolls and crafts. I can’t imagine living without it.


The right tools make the work more fun.

But this new book binder thingy? Off the charts for awesomeness. I absolutely LOVE this thing. Every time I finish a book, I make everyone in the house look at it and appreciate how cool it is that I can make my own books. They are getting pretty tired of the squealing, but everyone has been very patient with me. Ha! I printed up all of the reading books and workbooks for The Blessing and bound them into perfect little books. Then, I made copies of The Story of the World student pages*, and made each girl her own handy workbook for history. For Geography, I printed up maps and coloring pages and made coloring books for the girls to do while listening to the lessons (Book of Marvels: the Orient). And each girl made her own blank sketch book, just for fun. And you know, for about $50, I wonder why it took me this long to get one of these wonderful tools. It just seems like a no-brainer. I should have been making these booklets all along!


Just a small sample of things I have been creating for this school year.

As in years past, we are using for our homeschooling. I’ve been using them for 10 years or so and have all of the books that I need. I only had to purchase workbooks and the consumable stuff this year. But for The Blessing, we are going a new route, at least for reading and math. The Blessing has Down syndrome, and from what I have read (and so far experienced),  phonics is not the right approach to reading for her. So where I would usually pull out the ol’ tried and true Hooked on Phonics, I have decided to use So Happy to Learn this year and see how she does. The So Happy to Learn curriculum is all downloadable product, and there is a lot of it. There are books for reading, work sheets, flash cards, and games. Lots of opportunity to use my fun toys… ahem… tools! 

Planning and prepping for this coming school year has been a lot of fun thanks to my great tools. Do you have any tools for your homeschool that you absolutely love?

*The Story of the World Student Book allows for copies to be made for students within the same family.

3 thoughts on “Homeschool Tools

  1. I used a comb binder at work and loved it. It was electric and easy to use. I recently wanted/needed a wire binder so I bought a small one. Love it!! I use it to make planners, password keepers, and booklets for whatever I need to keep together. So many uses for sure!

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