A Puzzling Hobby

It started very primitively – a folding card table and the occasional puzzle.

Before long, we realized that the puzzle table never got put away. As soon as we finished a puzzle, we started another. We began picking up puzzles at the library for $1.00 and splurging on new puzzles for special occasions.

That’s when I knew this was not a passing craze.

Current puzzle-in-progress

We now have a very nice table in the corner of our living room that perpetually has a puzzle in progress.

It’s one of the best things about our living room. It’s a gathering place, a place where we talk about deep things or get really goofy, we sing or listen to radio dramas or watch tv over a good puzzle.

I know the quality of this photograph is awful, but this is one of my all-time favorite pictures. I stealthily snapped this pic just weeks before The Bookworm moved away. My girls, bonding at the puzzle table. 

We do easy puzzles for the littles and difficult puzzles for the bigs. We even have some puzzles that have big pieces on one side and small on the other so everyone can work on it together.


Our puzzle collection

As hobbies go, I’d say jigsaw puzzles is one of my favorites, after knitting and spinning, of course. I love how it brings us together and provides a place to make memories.

Do you have any non-yarny hobbies? Tell me about it.

6 thoughts on “A Puzzling Hobby

  1. I also like jigsaw puzzles. One always draws people to try to get “one more piece”. I’m also a sucker for crossword puzzles. When I was still working, some of us would get together at lunch with a Wall Street Journal puzzle. It would take us about two lunch hours (or more) to complete one.

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