My New Favorite Sweater

Off the blocking mats and onto my body!

Pattern: Lapis Yoke Sweater by Hannah Fettig

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Cake DK” *The Cluck Chimes at Midnight*

I am so in love. I wish it was cold so I didn’t have to take it off. Maybe I’ll sit under my swamp cooler all day today just so I can wear it.

It looks so cute with this dress (and everything else in my closet!).

Three things about this project.

1. Happy me! This was a very satisfying knit. I made very quick work of it because it was basically knitting around and around forever with very little shaping or fancy stitch work.

2. Gorgeous yarn! I had to have a sweater in this yarn. After knitting up my favorite socks in this color way, I knew I wanted to wrap my whole body in these glorious colors. I knew that it would be a different thing when knit at a larger gauge and was prepared to be disappointed. And I was. But just a little. I had hoped to get at least something close to the socks, but what I got in sweater form doesn’t look much like the same color way at all. However, I love it for what it is and am totally happy with the end result – flashing, stacking, striping and all! I did try to minimize the stacking by working from two different balls on the body, but for the sleeves, I just knit from one. And I like the result. And, Dude! This yarn has some seriously huge potential. It comes in 9 oz skeins (!) and I barely used one and a half of them – that’s a whole woman’s sweater with 13.2 ounces. And I am not a small woman. I think I might make a Mama Vertebrae or something like it with the second almost half of it. It’s just lovely stuff.

3. Great Pattern but…. I made modifications (as usual! Ha!), for one – i didn’t want a big oversized sweater, so I knit it to be more form fitting, and I didn’t even read the sleeve directions, but knit them pretty straight with but a few decreases. I also did my own hem and cuff rib pattern. I should say this about the pattern – it is really great! It’s clear, succinct, and results in a good sweater. I really have loved everything pattern by Hannah Fetig that I’ve knit.

I’m super happy with this knit. I haven’t knit a pullover for myself in years as I generally prefer to wear cardigans, but it was time for something different. This will match most all of my dresses and many of my skirts and I predict it will be my most worn sweater this coming winter. I can’t wait!

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