Changing Direction

A few months ago, The Princess and I sat down and brainstormed her next sweater. She wanted rainbow dinosaurs all over it. So I made up a chart and we picked out some yarn and I cast on.

Alas, my chart was too complicated and the black background too hard to see at night and the knitting was NO FUN. After all this time, I only had a few inches knit and zero desire to continue.

So, The Princess and I sat down again and brainstormed again and came up with a new plan. This new plan is coming along much better.


Sometimes you gotta press on and keep knitting until the thing is done because you know that it will be so worth it. Sometimes you gotta frog and rethink because you know you’re never going to finish it the way it is.

I am very excited about this new plan. I think this sweater is going to turn out even better than that first idea. Now the race is on to finish it before she grows!

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