Water Bottle Sacks

I had been meaning to make these for, well, decades. A simple crochet pattern that takes only about a half and hour and hardly any yarn to solve so many problems. Why did I wait so long?

Problem 1 – “I am so thirsty!” “Did you bring your water bottle?” “No.” Solved. Everyone is totally excited about their new water bottles and they take them everywhere.


Problem 2 – “Mama, can you carry my water bottle for me?” Solved. Wear it like a purse. It’s practically an accessory!


Problem 3 – No one puts their names on their water bottles and so no one knows where their bottles are or which one is theirs. Solved. And everyone picked their own yarn colors.


I’m not much for crochet, and I definitely don’t think that I can write a pattern, but if I can do this, you can! Can you crochet a circle? Can you make that circle about the same size as the bottom of your bottle? Okay. Start there. The stitch that I used for the remaining crocheting probably has a name, but I just chained a little and slip stitched into the chain from the previous row. I used various sizes of yarn and needles and so just winged the stitch counts. The straps are a chain that I went back over with single crochet one time.

So. Simple.

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