Knit-Worthy Momma

My mom brought her socks to me with a request to darn them. DUDE! I knit these for her, like, ago. I totally forgot about them! So, let me rummage around and see if I can dig up the stats and a badly composed picture of the socks.

Ah. Here we are…

I made these socks for my mom six years ago for her birthday.

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 1.42.37 PM.png

This means that it was early in my sock knitting life. This means that they are terrible. The pattern is Esther Socks and the yarn is Mackintosh Yarns Skye. I decided to put a sweet tomato heel on them and it makes this weird shape out of the lace. bleck

And they have felted a bit. And they had several holes. Which made me think,

Have you ever received so great a compliment on your knitting that the item you made got used to death and a repair is desired so that it can be worn even more?!?

So, of course I fixed the runs and the holes.

But my momma is getting some new hand-knit socks very soon. And they are going to be so much better than these old ones ever were. Because my mom is very knit worthy!

2 thoughts on “Knit-Worthy Momma

  1. I knit a friend’s nephew a hat about 3 years ago. 1.5 years in I was asked to fix the crown because the seaming came loose. When I received the hat it was worn out! It is always nice to know your knits are loved. ❤️

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