Dale & Dolly Archives

His Socks Part 1

His Socks Part 2

His Socks Part 3

His Socks Part 4

His Socks Part 5

The Evolution of a Yarn Snob

Taming the Stash Pt. 1

Taming the Stash Pt 2

Taming the Stash part 3

Taming the Stash pt 4

Taming the Stash part 5

My Hero!

Spinning Part 1

Spinning Part 2

Spinning Part 3

A Wheel for Spinning part 1

Call the Doctor

Dale and Dollly - Call the Doctor

What’d the Doc Say?

Dolly sees the doc

Baby’s Needs

Baby needsDolly’s Gift

Dale and Dolly Christmas Wheel

Deck the Halls

Dale and Dolly trim the tree“Dale and Dolly” is the collaborative work of The Bookworm and I. After I sketch out my idea in goofy little stick figures and scrawled lines of dialog, I hand it over to my thirteen year old daughter who works her magic. Her attention to detail and sense of humor make this comic strip what it is and I give her all the credit for this amazing series.  

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