Lace Withdrawals

It got hot here quite suddenly and my poor Chloe is still wearing mostly wool longies. So this weekend, I decided to take a break from The Year of the Sweater Project and my current obsession with lace and make her some shorts. I gave myself the following rules.

1. This weekend there will be a lot of knitting.

2. Said knitting will only include worsted weight wool on size 8 needles.

3. Only summer diaper covers will be on said size 8 needles until Chloe has at least four pairs.

4. This means don’t even look at that Madelintosh lace weight on those size 4’s.

Well, by Saturday night, I had these:

That is halfway to the goal, plus I cast on the third diaper cover and got two inches into it. But I was jonesin’ for some lace. Ohh, I needed it bad. So, Saturday night, after I did all I could to stay faithful to the rules, I set down my pink worsted wool on size 8 needles for just a minute. “All I need is one row.” I thought to myself. So I knit a row… or two…. Okay! So it was almost the entire final agave chart. So sue me. Check it out.

Worth it, right?

Then, I dutifily went back to my assignment and completed the task I had set before me.

They are still blocking, and I still need to sew the purple flower on the pink one and make an i-cord drawstring for the grey one. But, technically they are finished.

I think I may have a lace addiction. I don’t think I care. It’s cheaper than sweaters!

for the low-down on the pattern and yarns used, see my Ravelry project page.


A Very Good Reason

I have used cloth diapers for four of my five kids. I am often asked why? Why go to all that trouble when disposable diapers are so much easier? Well, I am chock full of information about cloth vs. disposable concerning environment, economics and health. I have logged  hours of research and have made a very informed  choice. However, I have a short answer to this question. Two words, actually. And, as a knitter, this is enough. Are you ready?

Wool Soaker

Adorable, durable, useful quick knits in whatever creative look I can come up with. I call this one PB & J because knitting these colors together made me crave the childhood staple with a tall glass of cold milk. I made up this pattern in order to use up the ends of left over yarn from all the longies that I made for Chloe this winter. I love the way the skirt ruffles out and the stripes all seem to be planned, even though they weren’t. After hours of sweater knitting, this little sweetie was a breath of fresh air to knit.

Now, don’t you wish you used cloth diapers, too?

And in case you were wondering, photographing a nine-month-old is a lot like eating soup with a slotted spoon.