Asking Too Much?

Is it too much to ask that one skien of yarn make three pairs of socks? Apparently it is. Meet my latest finished knit, the Asking Too Much Socks –

IMGP8868It’s a good thing that I like contrasting toes!

IMGP8871Asking Too Much Socks in Family Pendragons Armor Superwash Sock, Purteal, with Knit Picks Stroll Kettledyed, Eggplant
Ravelry Project page here

Family Pendragon Yarns is no more (a moment of silence, please……….), and so I really wanted to stretch the last few yarns that have from Melissa.


I could rip them both back and make the toes the same length. I could work at it and make this pair of socks more pleasing to the eye. But, they fit well, I don’t care that much, and I am glad to be done knitting them so I am leaving them be. I will be wearing them with shoes anyway, right?

IMGP8867All in all, I think I did pretty good. I had already used this same skien to make some Turkish Bed Socks for a swap back in December, and The Bookworm got a slightly smaller pair of the same for Christmas.

IMGP8874It may have been asking too much, but I did get three pairs of socks out of one skien of yarn. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!





Stash Enhancement on a Monthly Basis

I am a sucker for subscriptions. In the past I have had subscriptions for coffee, tea, history books, children’s books, homeschooling curriculum, movies, music, and anything else I could subscribe to. I love getting packages in the mail – it is like getting gifts on a regular basis (even though I know I am paying for them). So, it is only obvious that I should, being the fiberholic that I am, subscribe to yarn, too.

Family Pendragon Yarns has a large selection of clubs to choose from and I had a hard time choosing just one. So I chose two. The fiber for April is called “Miss Giraffe” and I got the 80/20 merino superwash/silk top. It is positively scrumptious.

Like I said, I couldn’t choose just one, so I am also subscribed to a yarn club of the same-

That is 70/30 merino/sea silk in DK weight in Miss Giraffe with 2 oz of violet trim. Yum

I also subscribed to Mosaic Moon‘s fiber club. The April shipment is called Blue Louvre and is a 75/25 BFL/Silk roving.

Yep, I love subscriptions. And yarn clubs are the best kind!