Just Call Me Sherlock

Before I was really into knitting, I inheirited all my grandmothers knitting needles. Most of them were plastic, which I have discovered that I hate, but there was one needle in the bunch that I now reach for time and time again. A size 6, 16″ circular mystery needle.

I don’t know my needles, really, not brands and stuff. When I really got into knitting, I invested in a Knit Picks Harmony Options Set, naively telling my husband that would be all I ever needed. (Okay, stop laughing…. I didn’t know what a cast-on-aholic I would become!) Since then, I have picked up most of the DPNs, most of theĀ 16″ fixed circulars and the 10″ straight set. All Harmony wood. I love them. They are all I use. Except for my little mystery needle.

It is metal, but coated with something to make it less clackity clack. It has a clear, plastic cable that is joined perfectly. The tips are bent just right to fit in my hands. I love this needle. I need more just like it.

So, I began my little detective work, and, what do you know? I found it. It is a Susan Bates Quicksilver. It is available many places, for very reasonable prices – cheaper than Knit Picks, even! I am so excited that I found it with minimal effort and that it is not some elite, expensive, hard to find kind of thing. (That shows you how much I like it – I had imagined it to be a designer needle. And it is just Susan Bates. HA! ) My next needle collection will be more of these:

I am just so happy, now. It’s weird, isn’t it, that this pleases me so much.

What kind of needles are you using?