Design Team

My ten year old daughter is an excellent artist. Ever since she could hold a crayon, she has been continuously improving her drawing skills. Add to that her love of paper dolls, and her endless creativity and what do you get? A young fashion designer extraordinaire. One day, I was looking at her paper doll clothes and I had an epiphany. I could knit that! I don’t have a lot of original ideas, and she doesn’t have the needlework know-how. But together, we could make a great team! So, I recently told her that, if she would draw her dream sweater, I would do my best to knit it. This is what she came up with:

Hey, I can knit that! We worked out some of the details, like “are those flowers sewn on or colored in?” and “those sleeve cuffs, how much longer than the arm are they?” Then we went shopping (online) and she picked out some wonderful yarn (Dream in Color Smooshy). The day it came was like Christmas, and she was as excited as I. I posted this picture already, but to refresh your memory:

Next, I started swatching.

The sparkle in Abby’s eye when I got it right was priceless. I think I have it all worked out. Now to knit it. This has been so fun. I hope that it is a good experience for her and that she will want to repeat it. This means I need to get it knit before the excitement wears off… I can do that.

Anybody got a clue as to how to do that bottom bit? I was thinking I would just knit a normal ribbed lower edge, but if you can tell me how to do that fancy bit in her drawing, I am willing to try it. 🙂

Yes, That is My Daughter

I have to brag on my daughter, Beka, yet again. The child who learned to knit the other day is making wonderful progress on her scarf.

Garter stitch scarf in Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky Pink Candy (I know, cheap and nasty acrylic. What can I say? The pretty colors are all that matters to my girl. We’ll get her some good yarn for her next project… ) I have knit maybe 25% of this and she has only lost one stitch, so far. (I don’t know where it went. We cast on 12 and now there are only 11. Hmmmm)

I, on the other hand, got a terrible case of startitis and have started this

Aeolian Shawl in Madelintosh Prairie Nutmeg (I hear you saying,”You barely made any progress on that”. But if you count all the stitches I frogged before I remembered to place a lifeline, you’d see that I have accomplished quite a lot!)

and this

Swatching for a new shawl design. I call it Hug. It is a new design I am working on in Dream in Color Classy Wisterious

and this

A sweater for “Jo-jo” in Knit Picks Cadena Cranberry (Emma picked out the button).

Fortunately, I also happened to finish that last one. Doll clothes are fun to design and fast to knit!

Eating Soup with a Slotted Spoon

“Emma, would you please put the spoons on the table? We are almost ready for lunch.” I said to my almost three year old. I listened to the silverware drawer clatter as she dug around in search of enough spoons as I ladled the soup into bowls. A minute or two later, we all sat down to eat. There was Emma, sitting across from me with the spoon she chose for herself. A slotted serving spoon. Eating soup.

“Emma,” I said, supressing my laugh, “Would you like me to get you a better spoon? That one has holes in it.”

“I like this one,” she replied with a grin. “It’s pretty.” And she held it up for me to see the decorative holes in flowery shapes. Then she resumed eating (trying to eat) her soup. The soup dripped and splashed, she grinned and moved faster. The child managed to eat every last drop and even ask for seconds. She ate soup with a slotted spoon.

I have three points I would like to make:

1. “Like eating soup with a slotted spoon” is an excellent metaphor for a hopeless or difficult task.

2. With enough determination and dedication, it is possible to eat soup with a slotted spoon.

3. I have the cutest kid ever.

Sweater One (I call her Pink) is done and waiting for buttons. I knit a sweater for myself in six days. I am pretty proud of myself right now. Post dedicated to such awesomeness is coming soon…