The Ultimate, Super Awesome, Amazing Knitting Needle Case of Glory

It was elusive, this idea rolling around in my head. How to best store my vast and growing collection of knitting needles? I spent lots of money, sewed lots of prototypes, recruited household items (vases, baskets, and the like), and yet I find myself always rummaging around, always digging and ransacking and pillaging, but never finding the needle that I need.

Then, lightbulb! I realized that I was going about it all wrong. Why do I have my needles separated according to type and brand? When I what I really need is to sort them according to size. When I want a size six needle for a project, it is silly that I have to get out five different needle rolls to see what I even have available? Knit Picks nickle interchangeable is always my first pick, but if there isn’t a six in there, then out comes my Hiya Hiya set. Nope, no six in there. Well, maybe a fixed circular in a different case. No. Well, do I at least have a set of six DPNs? Those are in yet another roll. Ridiculous! No wonder it takes me forever to find anything.

So, I did a few sketches, thought about my idea for a few days more and then started sewing. Wanna see the Ultimate, Super Awesome, Amazing Knitting Needle Case of Glory? Well, here you go!

Each size needle from 3 to 10 has it’s own folder, and each folder is labeled on the top.

There is one folder for larger needles that I rarely use and don’t have many of and I am going to make a folder for 2’s and smaller. It is going to be different than these that I am showing you now, with smaller pockets and more rows.

Okay, so each folder looks like this


and snaps closed at two points.

Inside, there are pockets for every needle that I have in that given size, shown here size 8.


A place for everything, from my ten inch straights, fixed circulars, and DPNs, to all of the tips for the interchangeable sets.

I am thinking about one single folder for all of the cables, end caps, and other interchangeable parts as well. Either that, or collecting them and putting cables for each set in with every size. We’ll see how user friendly it is so far.

So there it is. I am really excited about it and want to cast on new projects just to see how easy it is to find the needles to do so! Pretty ultimate, super awesome, and amazing, right?



Lil’ Olive

It isn’t very often that I knit a pattern twice. I have now knit this one three times. You might remember these dolls that I made last year for The Princess and The Munchkin?

Well, I went and knit another. Meet Lil’ Olive, my gift to my niece for her first birthday.

Three things about this knit.

1. I still think that this doll looks so much cuter without a face. I also made the head larger than the pattern dictated and totally winged my own dress. I am so glad that I took good notes the last time that I knitted one of these, because I really like my modifications.

2. My niece, like her Mama and Papa, has dark hair, so I went with some black Knit Picks Palette. I should really make a tutorial on how I did the hair, because it was so easy and looks amazing (if I do say so myself).

3. I was so excited to give this to my sister in law niece. And her delight made my day.

Working Magic

Whenever I feel dull or dim-witted all I have to do is knit a few cables. It makes me feel clever, even though it is easy. And I love to work my magic with sticks and string and feel so smart, even though a first grader could do it. Then, if I really need a pick-me-up, I cross the cables without a cable needle. Then I am a hero and a conquerer and I can take on the world. That is my cure. Cables. Observe:

Cable and Rib Cardigan in Knit Picks Cotlin Coffee


Almost a week ago, I started my Year of the Sweater Project Sweater #3. Usually, as I knit a new project, a name will come to me. Chai was an obvious name for the Tea Leaves Cardi (who is, sadly, still waiting for sleeves) and I named my Top Down Vine Lace Cardi “Pink” because that was all Marc could say when I showed him the yarn. (by the way, I am wearing Pink now. Thanks, God, for the rain.) But sweater #3 just wasn’t getting named. The colorway is Currant, which doesn’t make a great name, and the pattern is dully named “Shawl Collared Cardigan”. I was just starting to give up on a nice name for this baby, when I came to a realization. An epiphany, if you will.

Vera. This is my Vera sweater. This color reminds me of my dear grandmother who died almost three years ago. I am not sure why it reminds me of her, so I cannot explain it, and those of you who knew her may be perplexed. Perhaps I just imagine that she would love this color or approve of this pattern. Maybe, in my head, I think she would have loved for me to knit this for her. Whatever the reason, every time I pick up this sweater to knit a row or two wonderful memories flood my mind. My grandma taught me something new every time I visited her. Crochet, macrame, sewing, quilting, aplique, painting, baking, cooking, cross stitch, embroidery. The woman was an artistic wonder. I cannot pick up a new craft or hobby that she did not already introduce me to some time in my childhood.

And so, may I introduce you to my Vera Sweater. A tribute to the most inspiring woman in my life. I miss her terribly.

Stash on the Runway, Episode II

Well, we’re back and things are getting interesting here at the Annual Jackson Stash Show. Yesterday we saw some amazing yarn in gorgeous colorways. But the question on everyones mind is, “Are all the hanks in the stash as pricey as these?” This question will be answered today when Mrs. Jackson walks her bargain yarn down the runway. Will it be as fantastic a show as yesterday? It is entirely possible, seeing as these are all (with one exception) from the wonderful “Wal-mart for knitters”, Knit Picks . Looks like the show is starting, and wow what a start!

First down the runway today is Knit Picks Shimmer in the Spice colorway. What a way to start the show. This laceweight is a bombshell! Destined to become the Tissue Cardigan in the Year of the Sweater Project, this yarn is a show stopper, there is no doubt!

Up next we have… wait, is that cheating? Next we have yarn that has left the stash and is in the process of becoming a Shawl Collared Cardigan. Just newly cast on and barely knit at all, Jackson Stash is showcasing a yarn in use. This is unbelievable! Well, I suppose this is a fine example of a wonderful yarn at a great price! A whole sweater for less than $35?!?! Amazing. And check out that color! This is Wool of the Andes in Currant.

Knit Picks continues to wow us with its Wool of the Andes Bulky line, though we must object to calling this hand-dyed colorway “beetle”. How about “june bug” or “Little boy blue”? (Have you ever thought  to yourself, “I want to knit something in…. Beetle”?). Regardless of the name, this single skein of wool is destined for some greatness unknown. Just look at those colors!

Last to come down the runway is an unexpected entry. The mystery yarn. Why did she buy it? What will she make with it? We now present Knit Picks Gloss sockweight in Bordeaux. Whatever it ends up as is sure to be fabulous, don’t you think?

Well, that concludes our program. We all know that this small sampling of wooly goodness is representative of heaps of potential. As a parting thought, we have one last thought. Yarn Love. How appropriate.

(Yarn Love Elizabeth Bennet Celestial Rose)