This morning as I sipped my steaming mug of coffee and listened to the sounds of people awakening upstairs (thumping, crashing, yelling, a few giggles, and, inexplicably because we don’t have a pet crow, a bunch of cawing), I got out my iPad and tried to squeeze in a little blog reading. And once again, I ran into a little frustration called, “I wish I had more time to comment here, but I must keep moving or I won’t get to read them all”-itis.

Now that everyone has been fed and is upstairs getting dressed, making beds, and still cawing (?), I thought I would try to get a blog post written. But I have a bunch of random bits on my mind, all inspired from fellow bloggers. I thought, “Maybe I should just go and find all those posts that I wanted to comment on, and comment on them”, but that would take too much time. Then I thought, “Maybe I should blog about my inability to join in the community”, but that is kind of discouraging. So, here is my weird answer to this connundrum. A blog post about blog posts.

These are the blogs that I read because they are great, but everyone already reads them, so it is silly to even mention them –

  1. Yarn Harlot 
  2. Never Not Knitting
  3. Knitbot
  4. The Panopticon
  5. Cookie A
  6. Crazy Aunt Purl

These are the blogs that I hope you read because they are lovely, or informative, or creative, or wonderful in some way – (knitting, spinning, or at least yarn related)

  1. Wild Faerie Caps
  2. Oh! Baby O!
  3. Cosymakes
  4. Sand and Sky Creations
  5. The Sweaty Knitter
  6. Verdigris Knits
  7. Knitting in Flashes
  8. All Tangled Up (hmm, can’t get the link to work, but my reader picks it up just fine. weird)
  9. Knitting Kninja
  10. The Knit Princess
  11. R1-K1-Spin
  12. Not Your Average Crochet
  13. Knitting Interrupted
  14. Grumperina
  15. Peacefully Knitting
  16. Knitting Ventures
  17. Fickle Knitter
  18. Caffinated Yarn
  19. The Ravell’d Sleeve
  20. Nishikot
  21. Agujas

I also follow some humorous blogs for the fun of it –

  1. Meanest Mommy
  2. Honest Toddler
  3. XKCD
  4. Ironic Mom
  5. Blimey Cow
  6. Crappy Pictures

And some more good ones that aren’t really knitting or humor, but I love the authors and the things that they write –

  1. Audaciter Matris
  2. She Learns as She Goes

So, you see now why I don’t comment (“caw! caw!” what are they doing up there?), even though I would love to tell Melissa (Wild Faerie Caps) that I am super jealous of her drum carder and that her spinning is inspiring. I would also tell Cosy that her studio is looking awesome and that I wish that I lived closer because I would totally be there, and I would comment on Emily’s recent post (here) to say that all of her spinning is so incredible and today’s socks are no exception. Hannah is blending her crochet and knitting blogs together and I think it is wonderful and I would let her know that, while I don’t crochet if I can get around it, I enjoy all of her posts regardless of the craft she is featuring. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

All of that to say, my Dear Fellow Bloggers, is that if you haven’t heard from me in a while it is not my absence that is the problem. Rather, I think it is the crows upstairs! (caw! caw!)

Didn’t see your blog here? Well that could be because I just moved all my reading to a new blog reader and I may have lost you in the shuffle. Or perhaps I haven’t seen it yet. I’d love to add you to my morning ritual. Leave a link in the comments and I’ll check it out – I will even try to leave a comment every now and then! 🙂


EDITED TO ADD – I knew that I would forget someone! Sorry guys! These are great blogs, too –

1. Fiber Crush
2. Confessions of a Yarn Addict
3. Colour Cottage