If I Were an Octopus…

I often wonder why God didn’t give moms more than two arms. How are we supposed to hold a baby, stir the soup, pick up the socks, go to the bathroom and answer the phone all at the same time? It just doesn’t make any sense. I have been known to lament the apparent shortage of arms in the past,mumbling something to myself about how during childbirth we should sprout another – at least the first couple of times. It has vexed me time and again. But, today, I am thankful that I only have two arms. I am knitting sleeves.

Although, I really can’t complain about these sleeves. These are interesting sleeves.

They are a fun knit, and I am actually looking forward to working on the second one… tomorrow.

But, I am glad that I only have two arms!

Labyrinth in Louisa Harding Grace, whale

New Knitters are Adorable (and Weird Sleeve Issues)

A beginning knitter is an adorable thing, especially when said knitter is five years old. Eager to begin her second knitting project, Beka asked if she could use some of my yarn. After a moment of panic (not the Malabrigo!!!!) I said yes (of course. Get her hooked, keep her hooked). We approached the stash together, she with eyes aglow and I with my heart in my throat. Would she take the Dream in Color Classy (for which I have no plans, but it is so beautiful!) or the Madelintosh Eyre (same as before, only more beautiful). She looked it all over and declared she wanted blue. “Which blue?” I asked. “What are you going to make?” “A scarf for Stone (her cousin),” she said. And then she reached in, past the Louisa Harding Grace (which I do have plans for), past the Schafer Yarns Miss Priss (I know I bought this for something. Now, what was it?) and she grabbed this:

“Stone will love these colors!” She declared happily. I cast on twenty stitches and she has been knitting ever since. That is fine. The last thing this house needs is another yarn snob. I will teach her about yarn selection when she can buy her own stash! 🙂

Now, about my knitting. I thought I was so smart, didn’t I? I even bragged about how I was “guaranteeing” a set of sleeves for Abby’s sweater. Well, second sleeve knit and blocked looked like this :

Now, before any one asks, Abby has two extremely similar arms, possibly identical. And, yes, I took copious notes while knitting the first sleeve. Copious. So, what went wrong? I spent all day wondering that. I counted the rows on each sleeve. Identical. I checked my gauge on each sleeve. Identical. This is just too weird. Finally, I decided that I would knit a third sleeve and hope to get a pair. It was a painful decision. If the sweater had been for me, it would have been frogged and forgotten. But, Abby’s sweet blue eyes asking me, “When, Mama? When will my sweater be done? Oh, I can’t wait to see it!” were enough to keep me going.

Strangely enough, when I went in to unpin it, I found that while drying, it shrank back down to the size I had intended! (I had only pinned the cuff) Amazing! Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I have started the body of the sweater and I’m not looking back! Yeehaw! This is fun, after all!

Outsmarting Myself

Because I put off knitting sleeves, dreading the monotonous task of knitting the same thing twice. Because a sweater will languish for weeks, even months, waiting for me to get up the nerve to knit sleeves for it. Because I have gotten way to close to having a bulky, wool sleeveless top one too many times.

I am knitting the sleeves first this time.

Brilliant, I know. But, notice, I only have one sleeve there… 🙂

This is  Abby’s dream sweater that I blogged about here. I am pleased as punch how well it is turning out.

And, about this weekends post. I apologize for dumping on you all. I was having quite a day. Then, God reminded me of all the things I have to be thankful of. I am a spoiled rich kid compared to most in the this world and I should be thankful for that. God is so good to put me back in my place, and I am doing much better now. 🙂