Five Things About My Mermaid

First: It is finished! Blocked, buttoned and done. This is the third sweater in the “Year of the Sweater” project I have going on. (It was the fourth to be cast on, but the Vera Sweater is still in time out.)

Second: It grew. A LOT. I don’t think I even swatched for this one, let alone blocked the swatch like I know I am supposed to. It is top down, so I tried it on as I went and it was fitting perfectly. As soon as I lifted it from the water, I knew. It was growing. Even though I stopped 16 rows short of what the pattern directed on the sleeves, they are still a tad too long. I had envisioned a more clingy fit, like the one on the model in the picture. I think I will be happy with it anyway. It is so lovely.

Third: It only took 4 (plus a tiny bit of the fifth) of the 7 skeins I had bought. That means I have enough yarn to do something else. This pleases me to no end! This yarn, Dream in Color Classy is so nice. I love the colors, the way they play and never pool. I love the way that I can wear it without worry, because it is superwash. I love the squishy softness, and the gorgeous drape after it is blocked. Love, love, love.

Fourth: I didn’t follow the pattern to the letter (I know, shocking…). Besides the sleeve changes I already mentioned, I placed my buttons lower, made button loops instead of sewing on snaps and added one more repeat of the cable pattern to the body. I also changed the ribbing from 5/1 to 4/2. And, as you can see in the pictures, I intend to wear it with the collar folded down, instead of buttoned up to the chin. I think it looks better like that on my body type.

Fifth: I can’t wait till it gets cool enough to wear this masterpiece. It was torture to wear it for the short photo shoot (with my seven year old photographer, Noah). I sadly put it away with the winter clothes. It will be such a treat when the weather turns cool and I open that box to find this waiting for me! I love it.

Mermaid, the Mondo Cable Cardigan by Chic Knits in Dream in Color Classy Dusky Aurora

It seems that when one has a cavalier attitude about casting on projects and never finishing anything, one also has seasons of getting a lot of projects finished in a short time because everything is already half way (or mostly) complete. I like those seasons. I also like casting on. I guess I just like knitting, whatever season. I bet you already guessed that!


Chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, thin mints.

Chocolate ice-cream, fudgesicle, mud-pie.

Cupcake, Devils Food, brownie.

Fudge, chocolate covered cherry, truffle.

Ghirardelli, Lindt, Sees.

Chocolate milk, Hot Cocoa, Mocha Frappachino.

I am craving something. Must be that time of the month.

To help myself resist the urge to binge, I have been working on this:

Oh, darn! How did that get there? I meant this:

I have decided to call it Mermaid. It is the Mondo Cable Cardi in Dream in Color Classy Dusky Aurora. Doesn’t it look like the perfect color for a mermaid tail? I am hoping I will have a bunch left over to make some kind of mermaid doll for my eldest daughter. She is liking mermaids these days. Sweater number four, ladies and gentlemen, is coming along like gang-busters thanks to my chocolate cravings!

(If you are asking “what happened to Sweater #3?” uh, don’t ask. The Vera Sweater has been put in time out for a week or so. I made a big series of mistakes that lead to much frogging. I think I need some space…. 🙂 )