Six hundred fifty two stitches. That is how long the last row was. Six hundred and fifty two stitches.

It took and hour and a half to bind off that one, very long row.

It was totally worth it.


Pogona in my handspun. Fiber from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club, July 2012 A Bug’s Life. Spinning the yarn blogged here. Ravelry Project page here.

As my knitting skills increase, I find less and less projects that really challenge me, and therefore knitting has become a little less satisfying. Not that I don’t totally love knitting, because I do. But, as I have stated before, I relish the difficulty, the collection of new skills, and the notches on my belt. Now that I have conquered knitting I don’t get that really big swell of “I did it” emotion when I block out my finished objects. Don’t get me wrong, I get happy and I love the way things turn out and I am excited about creating something beautiful with two pointy sticks and a piece of wool. I just don’t feel like I scaled Mount Everest or really conquered anything. Remember this post in which I was gloriously ecstatic because I had conquered lace? And this post when I finally became a sock knitter (but didn’t know it yet)? It was about the challenge. And I overcame.

Alas, knitting has no more challenges for me. And if that sounds crazy (because we all know that I am not Elizabeth Zimmerman by a long shot and I certainly can’t do it all) than let me clarify by saying that I have learned all that I am interested in learning at this time. I don’t desire to learn entrelac and I ┬ádon’t have time to become a proficient designer, and I have done what I want to do.

Enter spinning and a whole new world of challenges. I know nothing. I can do nothing. I have this awesome spinning wheel and some beautiful fiber and every second that I spin takes concentration and effort and heaps of “hope I am doing this right”. Challenge. Thrill. And when I conquer, I feel satisfied.

That is what this shawl is. Satisfying. A great accomplishment. As I pinned it out on the blocking board I felt that feeling well up in my chest.

I did it. I did it well. I conquered.

The yarn is still so flawed and the colors didn’t work out quite the way that I had hoped. But, the knitting was enlightening, teaching me, among other things, that knitting with your handspun is part of perfecting your spinning technique.

It is also terribly satisfying.

Road Trip! A Wedding, A Reunion, A Birth, and A Family Portrait (the first since we were 8)

This weekend we bravely set out on a 5 1/2 drive with six children.

It was so fun!

We colored and played the ABC game and snacked and watched movies on the iPad and read books and I knitted a lot (of course).

Then we arrived. And we did all those things some more, only now with our cousins and aunts and uncles and friends.

Then there was news of the birth of a new cousin – a much prayed for VBAC and a healthy mama and new baby boy! The sister of the groom, no less, but she is a super mom and was still able to attend the wedding exactly 24 hours after the birth – with her two year old twins and four year old in tow! And you thought I was joking about the super mom part! WOW!

The outdoor wedding was beautiful and the bride was gorgeous and we had fun despite the sprinkling of rain that cooled us off in the heat of the day.

The reception was a great party with dancing and laughter and good food.

Being with my family is always, always, always a good time. I am so blessed to have been born into this wonderful tribe.

The fun didn’t stop just because the day was over. Sunday morning found us all in church and so blessed in an awesome service. Afterwards we headed back to the house for lunch and more visiting. There was swimming and food and olympics on the tv.

But The Man did have to work on Monday, so in the evening we said goodbye and headed north.

What a wonderful trip! And, look! We got a family photo taken!


And of course there was knitting. Lots and lots of knitting. Until I had to drive, that is. But I took this amazing yarn

Spunky Eclectic Portuguese Merino A Bug’s Life single ply lace weight (taken with the phone camera in the car before I cast on)

and turned it into this.


Pogona by Stephen West

Loving it so far and it is the perfect traveling knitting. I can’t wait to get it finished and to see the final color progression. What a fun project!