Autumn Bliss (for knitters, that is)

Ah, Fall. The chill in the air. The cloudy mornings. The bite in the wind that tells you autumn has finally arrived.

The time for knitters to rejoice. Out come the sweaters and shawls that have been stashed away. The scarves and hats that have been forgotten all summer make their return.

And the socks. Oh, yes, the socks.

This is why I knit. (well, not why. But definitely a big perk.)

I know you have seen these before, but as I slipped them over my cold toes this morning I remembered how much I really love them. My first socks (knit for me), newly darned and ready to go.

Contented sigh.

You Know, For Someone Who Isn’t a Sock Knitter…

… I sure did kick these out in record time!

Winnow Socks in Louet Gems Fingering Bright Red

Three things about these socks:

1. They were really fun to knit. Even for socks. Especially for socks. They might have made a sock knitter out of me.

2. This yarn is lovely. I enjoyed working with it, and I am enjoying wearing it.

3. Red is really hard to photograph. Just know that they are twenty times as beautiful as what you see here. I am a knitter, not a photographer, apparently… and I am okay with that. (Next time I will use a color more easily photographed. Sigh. But how I do love red…) Actually, mine look exactly like the ones pictured on the pattern, because I used the same yarn and color (I made my legs shorter, that is the only difference), so really, check out those pictures.

Crazy thing is – now I am looking for my next sock project. So much for fingering weight shawls…. Next year, when I can buy yarn again, I see a lot of sock yarn coming!