The Stash Project Update

I have been really good. Everything that I have knit so far this year has been with yarn from the stash.

But, I have had to make some interesting substitutions, and abandon some knitting plans for new projects.

Jaali is a good example of this. Last year, I bought this yarn:

Malabrigo Lace Sealing Wax

…to make another Wispy. Or maybe a Featherweight Cardigan. Or maybe a Whisper Cardigan.

In any case, it was supposed to be a cardigan, preferably one designed by Hannah Fetig, because I love her patterns so much. I even bought the patterns in anticipation.

Then, I got the pattern for Jaali… and had no yarn to cast it on. And it had to be cast on. Right. Now.

So, I sucked it up, grabbed the yarn from my stash, and, holding it double to make it fingering weight (in case you missed it, there is the interesting substitution I spoke of earlier) and cast on post haste.

I don’t regret it. I mean, just look at it!

I fall in love with it more and more as each (ever decreasing, hallelujah) row is completed.

But, it is taxing to keep up with this whole New Years Resolution thing.

So, my brain is trying to trick me into buying new yarn, without buying new yarn.

Taking part in Ravelry swaps was one strategy – and it worked well. I got some new yarn (plus other goodies like tea and notebooks) and that was fun.

Then, my brain tried to figure out the fastest way to knit all the yarn that I have so that I will have to buy more. (Uh, not gonna happen.)

Then, my brain got really generous with Christmas knitting, since buying yarn for gifts would be a “legal” purchase (thankfully, my common sense won out on that one – I have enough knitting to do without adding a bunch of gifts with a deadline!).

But this newest ploy is just genius. I am thinking that maybe I need a new hobby. What if I got into hand-dying? Is it really a yarn purchase if I buy naked yarn for dying? I don’t think so.  I think I might be onto something here.

Just don’t tell The Man…

Err On the Safe Side

I am a chronic yarn-yardage-over-estimator. Chronic. Remember my Mermaid sweater? Three balls left over (that would be 600 yards). The Tea Leaves Cardigan? Three balls (another 600 yards). Wispy Cardy? One ball extra (that would be one-third more than I needed!) And I have done it again.

In retrospect, I am not sure what I was thinking. The pattern clearly calls for 1545 yards for the large size. I substituted Knit Picks Cotlin for the reccomended Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere, because I wanted to use something machine washable and I love Cotlin. At 123 yards a ball, I should have ordered 12.5 balls, or really 13, of Cotlin. I ordered fifteen. Do you want to guess how much I have left? Not two balls, not three, but five whole balls of Cotlin in Coffee:

Now, I don’t know quite how this happened. There is also another partial ball, which I only got into for the seaming. So, I used approximately 1250 yards, after ordering a whopping 1845 yards. I guess math is not my strong point.

My motto? To err is human, to have lots of extra yarn at the end of a project, divine.

And, yes, I am finished with the knitting on this project. All I have remaining is the dreaded zipper installation. A task which reduces me to a pile of teary hopelessness in the best of circumstances. Pray for me….