You Know You Knit Too Much When…

… you discover that your kids have tried to tell SIRI to call you “Your Wooly Majesty” (apparently SIRI had trouble understanding what they were saying due the the massive amount of giggling).



You Know You Knit Too Much When…

…. all of the drawings that your children make of you depict you with knitting in your hands, knitting needles sticking out of your hair, and/or yarn all around you.

Most recently, this one by The Bookworm:


and this one by The Munchkin:


(That is me from right to left – winding yarn, knitting, and showing off my finished scarf!)

and this one by The Princess:


You Know You Knit Too Much When…

We were headed home after a long day of grocery shopping and errand running. The kids were tired and a little grumpy. I heard bickering in the back seat. “What is the problem back there?” I asked glancing in the rear view mirror.

“She won’t let me look at the book,” The Munchkin complained. “And now there is nothing for me to look at!”

“Nonsense!” I declared. “Look out the window and what do you see? I see grapevines and mailboxes! I see clouds and, oh! look at those great big houses over there! I wonder if that big, huge one only has two or three people living in it. What do you think?”

After a little speculation about what one would use 5000 square feet for (mind you, we are a family of 8 living in 1100 square feet!), The Boy piped up,

“Mama! I bet they have a whole room for the yarn stash!”

I love that boy! 🙂

You Know You Knit Too Much When….

… you are leaving to go grocery shopping and all you have left to do is pack your knitting (I guess I could stop right there. Knitting while grocery shopping with six kids? But there is more), so you ask your daughter to run and “get the blue knitting project off the couch and throw it in the diaper bag” (and you must specify “blue” because there is more than one WIP on the couch). She comes back carrying the project that you meant, plus another work in progress and two random balls of yarn and a set of DPNs…. and she not only thinks that you are totally normal for asking for knitting when packing for a grocery run, but also thought that you would need all that extra yarn and needles in case you finished the half done sweater project that you originally asked for.

Oh, and if you were wondering, no I did not get any knitting done on the grocery shopping expedition. I did, however, feel better knowing that it was with me, just in case I needed it.

You Know You Knit Too Much When…

…a conversation like this takes place in your home:

On Saturday, I called all the kids to attention. “Okay, Guys,” I said, “I need everyone to get some shoes on and get ready to go.”

“Where are we going, Mama?” they all asked.

“Mrs. H had her baby,” I said excitedly, ” And we are going to take some dinners to her.”


“Hang on!” I tried to reign them back in. “Mrs. H is real tired and she needs lots of rest, so we are not going to stay very long.”

“How long can we stay?” Noah asked.

“Less than an hour.”

“Can we play a little?”

“Yes,” I replied, “But, we are not staying very long at all. I am not even taking my knitting.”

Stunned silence.  Everyone looked at me like I had grown a second nose. Then my son said incredulously,

You’re not taking your knitting?!? Wow! That will be a short visit!”


But, look! Baby feet: